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10 April 2017 @ 12:06 pm
I realize this is happening right in the heels of a friending meme, but some spring cleaning needed to be done. If you can't see this entry then you were unfortunately removed. I hope there's no hard feelings and you're welcome to message me if you wish to keep reading since I know some of you haven't been active recently. Mainly I just removed people I can't remember having commented on any of my posts this year; as much as I love to have a big friends list with a lot of posts to read, I don't feel comfortable sharing all this really private stuff with people who I virtually have no idea if they actually even read anything and, quite frankly, I've lost interest in reading and commenting on people's posts when I'm the only one of the two doing so. If this is the point where we stop reading each other's journals, then I wish you all the best in life :)